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Merc’s Homestuck Voice Meme

Warm up by pronouncing the following: 

Homestuck, strife, Zazzerpan, Pesterchum, Zillyhoo, ectobiology, chrystamanthequins, bee2, Skaia, Draconian Dignitary, Pupa Pan, Peregrine Mendicant, wonk, madrigogs, smuppet, sylladex, Becquerel, kismesis, moirail, Gl’bgolyb


1. How did you get into Homestuck? How long have you been reading it?

2. Who are your favorite characters? (Trolls, Exiles, Kids, etc.)

3. If they’re still alive, how hopeful are you that they’ll survive until the end of Homestuck?

4. Do you ship anything?

5. Excluding Cascade, which is your favorite flash?

6. Whose typing quirk gives you the most trouble?

7. Which character death upset you most?

8. How do you feel about your Patron Troll?

9. Lastly, how do you feel about what’s going on in the comic right now? (whatever it happens to be.)