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Who to Do Next?

That’s what she said.

In all seriousness, let me know if there’s anyone ya’ll want to see get an opinion/insight post next. Or, if you don’t want to see anyone period and would just rather me cease this drawn-out nonsense, I’m perfectly open to that feedback too. I write these things partially for my own benefit, so I can really crystallize some solid feelings on a character; for my friends’ benefit, since they were quite interested in my opinions while reading but we didn’t have much time to avidly discuss them; and for ya’ll’s benefit, as I figure you can’t be totally disinterested in what I have to say given that you’re following me to begin with. 

Be that as it may, I know lengthy (but hopefully mildly entertaining and well-structured?) rambles aren’t what ya’ll initially signed up for. That’s why I’m going to start recapping again, starting with Act 6. Seriously. I am. I’m going to.


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